lundi 14 avril 2008

Ulysse Merou's death

Who, the hell, is this guy ??

It is is Planet of the Apes principal character, less known as Ulysse Mérou, authoritatively performed by recently dead Charlton Heston.
But who was in mourning for Mérou ? - Nobody.

If everybody, in fact, has heard of Ben Hur's death, it's because of the eponymous film heroe played by Charlton Heston.

But does anyone remember that the complete name of Ben Hur was "Judas Ben Hur" ? (Sounds not so brilliant).

Let' s recall the mere Heston's parts : Ramon Miguel Vargas (Touch of evil), Chrysagon de la Cruz ( The War Lord), Brad Braden (The Greatest show on earth), Major Matt Lewis (55 days at Peking), Robert Neville (The Last Man on Earth), Alan Murdock (Airport 1975), Captain Matthew Garth (Midway), Detective Thorn (Soylent Green), Major Dundee (Major Dundee!), Rodrigue (El Cid), and of course, Moshe ( The Ten Commandments), General Charles Gordon (Khartoum), and many others.

They all contribute to shape each Charlton Heston role as a legend, who will now never die.

(To be continued)

bertrand daullé


bertrand daullé

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