lundi 16 mars 2009

March 15, birthday's caricature : Jerry Lewis (1926)

Jerry Lewis, by daullé.
Pierre noire Conté pencil.

Nothing more to say than watching :
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March 15, birthday's caricature : Ry Cooder (1947)

Ry Cooder, by daullé.

Conté pencils.

Ryland Peter Cooder has brought an important contribution in movies soundtracks such as Wim Wenders's Paris Texas, and many other Walter Hill's films.

He played a major role in the famous Wim Wenders world music monument : Buena Vista Social Club.

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March 14, birthday's caricature : Albert Einstein (1979) )

Albert Einstein, by daullé.

Conté pencil on watercolor paper.

The archetype of science man, who said : «Définissez-moi d'abord ce que vous entendez par Dieu et je vous dirai si j'y crois.»

He died on april 18, 1955.

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jeudi 12 mars 2009

Caricature du jour : Andy WARHOL (4)

Andy Warhol, by daullé.

Conté pencils on Sennelier paper

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mardi 10 mars 2009

Caricature du jour : Andy WARHOL (2)

Andy Warhol, by daullé

Pierre nooire pencil

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lundi 9 mars 2009

Caricature du jour : Andy WARHOL

Andy Warhol, by daullé.

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March 11, Birthday's caricature : Johnny Knoxville (1971)

Johnny Knoxville, by daullé

Pierre noire pencil.

Phillip John Clapp is born in Knoxville. The first Jackass comes in 2002.

(to be continued)

samedi 7 mars 2009

March 7, Birthday's caricature : Michel Eisner (1942)

Pencil and graphic tablet with Photoshop
Former Chief executive officer (1984-2005) of the Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner is an entertainment executive born in Mount Kisco.
Michael Eisner by daullé.
Pencil with graphic tablet and Photoshop.

(To be continued)

March 3rd, Birthday's caricature : Bobby Driscoll (1937)

Bobby Driscoll, by daullé
Wacom tablet with Photoshop.

Bobby Driscoll, by daullé.
Pierre noire pencil.

Bobby Driscoll, born in Cedar Rapids, was one of these numerous movie children stars, who got some difficulties to assume their condition as an adult.

He died in New York in 1968.

(To be continued)

March 2nd, Birthday's caricature : Lou Reed (1942)

Lou Reed, by daullé.
Pierre noire pencil.

Today's birthday is for the legendary guitarist of Velvet Underground, an Andy Warhol 's Factory member in the 70s.

(To be continued)

March 1st, Birthday's caricature : Ron Howard (1954)

Ron Howard, by daullé.
Pierre noire pencil.

Today is Actor and Director Ron Howard's birthday.
Born in Duncan, he becomes famous with his main role in American Graffiti and TV serie Happy Days.
As a Director, he received an Oscar award in 2001.

(to be continued)

jeudi 5 mars 2009

March 5, Birthday's caricature : Pier Paolo Pasolini ( 1922)

Pier-Paolo Pasolini, by daullé.
Pierre noire pencil.

"Great caricature Daullé!" (Marion Van de Wiel, on NCN forum).

(To be continued)

mercredi 4 mars 2009

March 8, Birthday'scaricature : John McPhee (1931)

John McPhee by daullé
Pierre noire pencil.
Today's anniversary belongs to John McPhee, american writer born in Princeton who received Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1999, ("Annals of the Former World").