lundi 26 mai 2008

Caricatures of the week

Dinu Lipatti, King of classical piano
Dinu Lipatti by daullé

Victor Brauner, King of surrealism painting
Victor Brauner by daullé

Mircea Eliade, King of Rligions and Myths's history
Mircea Eliade by daullé

William Shakespeare, King of Human condition
William Shakespeare by daullé

Carlos Ghosn, King of Renault cars
Carlos Ghosn by daullé

Dany Boon, King of the Box Office
Dany Boon by daullé

Sarah Jessica Parker, Queen of Sex in the city
Sarah Jessica Parker by daullé

Emmanuelle Beart, eternal Manon des Sources
Emmanuelle Beart by daullé

Catherine Deneuve, Queen of Movies stars
Catherine Deneuve by daullé

Madonna Louise Ciccone, Queen of Music Scene
Madonna by daullé

Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, King of the TF1 "Vingt-Heures"
Patrick Poivre d'Arvor by daullé

Ray Charles, Georgia on everybody's mind
Ray Charles by daullé

Karl Lagerfeld, King of Chanel fashion
Karl Lagerfeld by daullé

Another drawing of
Karl Lagerfeld, King of Chanel fashion
Karl Lagerfeld by daullé

Ibrahim Ferrer, King of bolero and cuban music.
Ibrahim Ferrer by daullé

(to be continued)

vendredi 2 mai 2008

NCN April contest : Matt Damon

Matt Damon is Jan Op de Beck's target for April 2008.

Here are my different posts for that contest

Take One : This pretty guy is not so easy to draw !

Take two : I've tried different techniques, using color markers.

But the proportions aren't good enough.

My third attempt with charcoal pencil

I'd like to use watercolor.

But the likeness fails.

So this my last post

And the winner of March contest is :

Paul Moyse.

(to be continued)

NCN March contest : Prince Harry Windsor

Jan Op de Beck' s choice fo 2008 March contest is Prince Harry of Windsor

This was my first attempt.

Then I was curious to look Harry's brother : Prince William

There is my second "take" of Prince Harry in watercoler

The upper right one takes care of Jan's comments

I would like to look after another view of Harry.

And this is the last one I've posted

The winner of March's contest is Paul Moyse.

(to be continued)

The NCN monthly contest

National Caricaturist Network is an amazing playground for each one who wants to learn more and more about exaggeration and likeness drawing techniques.

Jan Op de Beck, from Belgium is one of the very best professionals and senior NCN member. He launched in late february a monthly caricature's contest among NCN members.
Boris Yeltsin, Prince Harry Windsor and Matt Damon have been furiously drawn by dozens of caricaturists. Digital stuffs are prohibited, only manual technique allowed.

I am honoured to participate and send my contributions to those very exciting competitions wher critics and comments are welcome.