lundi 2 novembre 2009

daullé' october caricatures

There's nothing against anybody : caricaturing is just the result of an ill perception of reality !

Here are some examples :
Richard Dreyfuss, by daullé
Francis Bacon, ink and watercolor, by daullé

Giuseppe Verdi, by daullé

Bob Kane, by daullé

John Lennon, by daullé

Bob Geldof, by daullé

John Cleese, by daullé

John Le Carre, by daullé

Michael Crichton, by daullé

Jeff Goldblum, by daullé

Dizzy Gillespie, by daullé

Tom Petty, by daullé

Jesse Jackson, by daullé

Rev. Jesse Jackson, b&w by daullé

French soccerplayer, Franck Ribery, by daullé

French Culture Minister, Frederic Mitterrand , by daullé

Flying to Kalahari resort

Here we are : To-morrow in SANDUSKY (Ohio), 2009 ISCA Convention is opening, starring around President Robert BAUER, such famous Special Guest Speakers as MAD Magazine team members : Sam VIVIANO, Tom RICHMOND, Mark Frederickson and Hermaan MEJIA. Other Great Figures like Jason SEILER, Jan OP DE BEECK and Lar deSOUZA complete the casting of workshop leaders.
It will be a MAD Convention with more than 200 attendees and will take place in the US largest indoor waterpark, the Kalahari resort of SANDUSKY, in front of Erie lake.

Before packing sheets of paper, brushpen and watercolor, here are some of my latest drawings :
Dawn French, by daullé
Karl Lagerfeld, by daullé

Ussama Bin Laden, by daullé

Linda McCartney, by daullé

Mickey Rooney, by daullé

Fidel CASTRO, by daullé

Nick CAVE, by daullé

Liam GALLAGHER, by daullé

Don LAFONTAINE, by daullé.

( to be continued)