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David Caruso's caricature avatars

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David Caruso revealed
The latest and juiciest facts about David Caruso Thursday, December 18, 2008
David Caruso according to Daullé

We stumpled upon this highly felicitous caricature coincidentally.
Since David Caruso knows one thing or two ( Or at least he likes to PRETEND that he does.) about French art we are sure he will like this great piece of work by French caricaturist B. Daullé.
We are more than thrilled by the high attention to detail the artist dedicated to Carusos pug face. Especially noteworthy are the hammer-nose and the prominent chin.
Well done! A true masterpiece.
More caricatures can be found on :

**Do you suppose Bertrand Daulle knows his gorgeous caricatures are an affront to the subjects? Is that what he tells his clients who pay big bucks for his creations?
**Do you suppose Rob Maystead feels his art, his incredible caricatures, are done to insult his subjects? Is that part of his marketing plan to sell his services to a new client?
**Do you suppose Stew Murray realizes his award winning video is contemptuous to CSI Miami, The Who and David Caruso?
**Do you suppose Jim Carrey actually believed he was disparaging David Caruso when he went on David Letterman with his impersonation?
To carry this distorted view even further, is HCrazy and others who manipulate photos for fun insulting the subjects of their creations? Or Lindy (and others), with her "Teaching Horatio to Dance" video? Or Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, or other great impersonators; were they just mocking the celebrity they chose to create?
Perhaps we should ask the perpetrators themselves. Feel free to weigh in with your impressions of the work you do. To our mind, the answer is abundantly clear. The artists, in whatever medium they choose, create to honor their subjects.
We strongly suggest HeidiHo's vapid view is a product of her prolonged exposure to the gases emanating from her sewer shelter.

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David Caruso: The Artistry of Mimics!

We did an article on those who impersonate celebrities and our feelings about them sometime back(link below). A small minority of incredibly ignorant cyber-surfers seem to feel any impersonation is an insult to the celebrity. The vast majority of us know this isn't even remotely true. Unless there is evil intent, such as the case with HeidiHo, aka Heidemarie Schnitzer, no offense is taken.
David Caruso's creation of Horatio Caine lends itself to these imitators. It was the expectation as the character evolved, due to the exaggerated gestures, the sunnies, red hair, et al, that there would be many impersonations and caricatures produced. Such is the artistry of the internet.
The take-offs on David Caruso and CSI Miami have been numerous and primarily well done. We cite Stew Murray, who won the 2006 YouTube Video of the Year with his Horatio's One-Liners; Jim Carrey with his Horatio Caine impression on Letterman; Sesame Street, the Dancing CSI's. All of these in addition to artists caricatures have added to the mystique of the character.
David Caruso and his fans, as well as those of us with an interest, have great appreciation for the time and talent involved in these productions, or reproductions. Some are awe-inspiring, some are hilarious, some are cute. Just a few of the videos are linked below. Most of our readers have seen them before, either here or on YouTube or on other blogs and forums. If you haven't seen them, enjoy. For those of you who have, bear with us.

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